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ENCS Networks

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Who We Are

We provide a complete 24x7x365 IT 360-degree lifecycle support in one of the most creative and economical ways across the globe. Our services consist of covering broad range of IT portfolio in which we support traditional and next generation trends especially technologies in which we strongly believe will thrive in years to come!






L1/L2 Field

Meet our partners

From complex analysis to top-of-the-line reliability, availability and performance, ENCS and its partners offer a wide range of solutions with the tools you need to tackle your unique challenges.

ENCS Networks Operations Center

Every business is facing a technology war in this era of Digital Transformation. Launching and growing a successful business is no simple task, maintaining that growth and success over. Time is the most difficult challenge of all. Businesses need to be prepared for tomorrow, not today. With growing businesses, the requirements of Information technology to support your business also increases.

With more than a decade of experience and a vast skillset with different environments and culture, we have integrated highly qualified IT professionals as ENCS Networks.


Cloud Services


System Support Services

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NOC Center

A 24x7x365 Network Operations Center which never sleeps.

SOC Center

A 24x7x365 Security Operations Center full of security geeks.

Web/App Development

We specialize in creating websites that draw traffic, engage visitors & generate customers.

Cloud Services

We build, design and support all public famous cloud platforms across all regions globally.

Wireless Services

Engineering and integrating distributed wireless systems in multiple large scale environments.

Field L1/L2 Services

The Force never sleeps and neither do we! Our Support team is awesome and available 24/7.

System Support

Our certified engineers supports complete life cycle of 24x7x365 of physical & virtual services.

Data Center

We build, design, support and maintain Tierl-4 data centers across the globe.

Meet Our Customers

We help our clients renew their business


Global Rescue


Our mission is to deliver compelling services, remarkable experiences, and outstanding results for our clients

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